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Last weekend I made this video as a vlogging update sort of thing. (Perhaps I should have included “Practice more precise speech” in my list?) For some reason it wouldn’t upload last weekend and I’ve only just gotten around to uploading it this morning. So here you go!

Week 2 has been similar with no real progress being made insofar as I can’t check anything off the list yet, but I am doing the little steps toward getting to cross something off.  I’ve been falling behind on my yoga poses and really need to get into a better routine with that.  I have lost a few pounds by following the calorie budget set by the Lose It! application, which is encouraging, so hopefully that will continue.  I’m writing in my Morning Pages almost every day.  I got *just* under 95% on last Sunday’s crossword which was awesome.  I was only 3 boxes or so behind.  Still looking for puzzles.  Still trying to keep the house tidy (but not doing so well with that).  I’ve been knitting rather voraciously over the past week and have finished Kyle’s hat, one Zozo toy (not including the embroidered eyes) and 1.5 pairs of mittens (which a co-worker asked me to do and as I’ve never knit mittens before I thought it would be fun).

Kyle's Hat

Kyle's Hat

Zozo Toy from the Side

1.5 Pairs of Mittens

I’m leaving early early Saturday morning to go to California with my mom and sister and nieces and nephew.  We’ll be gone for about 10 days and I haven’t even started thinking about what I need to pack.  I also need to get my oil changed in my car, which we’re driving out (along with my mom’s car).  Should be fun, but Kyle won’t be able to come out with us, so I’ll be kind of sad about that.  Oh! I’ve got to pack a lot of knitting stuff.  I’ll probably have to have a whole separate bag for that because 10 days, 2 or more of which will be spent on the road, is a long time not to have any knitting.  As today is the last non-workday I’ll have before leaving, I really need to get started on getting ready for all of that.  Eep!


I meant to break these last four categories into two posts, but things were a little hectic at the end of the week, so here are all of the rest of my goals.


7. Organize and maintain pen pal correspondence

I bought a bunch of composition notebooks awhile back with the idea of using them to keep track of my pen pal correspondence, but I have yet to use them to their fullest potential. Also, I have a few unanswered letters lying around that I need to take care of.

8. Send at least 10 random care packages

Random care packages do not include any packages sent near gift-giving holidays or the recipient’s birthday. I’m not sure yet if I will stick solely to people I know, or if I want to see if I can figure out how to send a care package to someone completely random. Also, anything done as a swap (where I get a care package in return) via swap-bot or somewhere similar, does not count.

9. Private goal

Ooooh, mysterious.

17. Make sure everyone gets their altered books back

I organized, without much foresight, an altered book round robin with a group of friends who were all at a friend’s wedding last August. The books are supposed to be returned to their owners, according to the original timeline, by the beginning of February. I don’t believe this is going to happen in any way, shape or form. At this point, my biggest concern is just making sure everyone gets their own books back, even if it takes the next six months. I’ve definitely got to be more proactive in corralling everyone and doing my own spreads in everyone’s books too.

18. Send out friendship books at least once every two weeks

I have a box full of friendship books, friendship bags, sticker bags, decos and slams that I need to get passed on!

93. Host at least two family get-togethers

This past year my family didn’t see much of each other as a big group and I think if I took the initiative to try to plan something instead of relying on everyone else to put it together, we’d see each other more often which is what I would like.

98. Write to at least 10 people from Friendship books, bags, etc.

New pen pals have to start from somewhere, right?

Craft-Oriented Goals

11. Sew Kyle and I aprons

Kyle hates having anything on his hands, so he really wants an apron he can just wipe his hands on all the time when he’s cooking or washing up. I am a messy cook and an even messier baker, so I’d really benefit from an apron. I think I might make one that’s strictly utilitarian and one that’s pretty and frilly so I can pretend to be a 1950s housewife or something.

20. Make and can fruit “butters” or other sauces for gifting

I love the idea of canning and tried some strawberry jam a few summers ago which came out more like strawberry syrup, but I heard it was good on ice cream. In any case, I want to make the most out of the summer and fall harvests going forward and starting with some apple or pear or other butters for gifting would be great, I think. I can make up a nice little loaf of something or other to gift with them as well which I think sounds delightfully wholesome and tasty.

21. Make pickles

I love pickles but buying enough from the store to keep up with my cravings for them gets expensive. I wouldn’t mind trying out some other pickled vegetables either, but I’ll start with traditional cucumber pickles first.

39. Finish at least one knitting project each month

In the past, I’ve given up knitting during the summer for other various crafts. This is not a good way to get things done though, because by the time I pick up my needles again in the fall, it’s almost too late to do much for holiday knitting or for my own handknit winter wear. If I can knit throughout the year, however, I think I will be much more productive with my handknits and I’m looking forward to that.

40. Coordinate and plan birthday and holiday gifting ahead of time

Eventually, I would like to make or handcraft most, if not all, of the gifts I give each year. I can’t do that without a lot more planning that I currently do. (Which is almost none.)

41. Take a creative class (art, writing, etc)

Unfortunately most of the classes I’ve seen available for painting or something are at like 10am during the middle of the week which would be great if I worked the night shift or were retired already, but as I am not, I’m still hunting for good classes. I’m not sure which one I’d like to take the most – any creative class almost appeals to me in some way.

42. Learn to spin yarn

I’d love to learn to spin yarn. But even if I do take a class for this one, it does not satisfy #41 above.

44. Complete vacation scrapbooks (France, Vegas, Mexico, Canada, London, Memphis)

I only have one completed vacation scrapbook, from when Kyle and I went to Hollywood. It’s an 8×8, so it was easier, but I really need to get everything else done too. I want to be able to flip through them and reminisce instead of looking at the stack of pictures and feeling pressured because the scrapbook still isn’t done yet.

45. Knit something with steeks

I would like to open up my knitting world to more and more projects and learning to steek seems like a good way to do that.

48. Organize and maintain Ravelry and Flickr better

Ravelry and Flickr are both amazing websites and useful tools. I just need to tend to them better.

52. Make 1 page scrapbook mementos from London and Memphis (after Jenny’s wedding)

Once done, I will take these 1-pagers into work and hang them up in my cubicle.

56. Cold process soap

I’ve made melt-n-pour soap which is fun, but cold processing soap seems more natural and authentic. I’m scared to death of lye, though (the lye-kiss scene from Fight Club is partly to blame for this), so it will be something I have to overcome and read and research about a lot beforehand.

57. Collect 100 ATCs and 100 inchies total

I intend to do this mostly through swaps on swap-bot. My own ATCs or inchies will not count toward my collection total, however, any ATCs or inchies that I already have, will.

65. Knit/Crochet coverlet/blanket for bed

I don’t know whose bed, or even if it has to be something that will be functional instead of just pretty, but one of the first ideas I had when I started knitting was to make a blanket for the bed. I’ve made afghans before, but I want a big, huge blanket. I’m leaning toward something functional and probably modular at the moment, but we’ll see how that goes.

66. Complete Painting cross-stitch

I have several cross-stitch patterns for famous paintings and I would really like to actually complete one of them. I’ve got most, if not all of the colors already, since I bought them when I first got the patterns, I just need to do it. Cross-stitch always seems so slow for me, though, so I tend to choose to knit instead. Maybe if I go into the project knowing that it doesn’t have to be done for 2 or so years it will be easier.

67. Make myself 4 pairs of socks

I really want some handknit socks for myself.

68. Make Kyle 2 pairs of socks

And I want to share the handknit sock love, too.

73. Give away or use up my yarn stash

I don’t think I have a terribly excessive stash, but I do need to use it up. If anything I have is something I won’t use, I need to give it away or use it for a snuggles project or something similar.

77. Do a Day in the Life photo entry

I’ve just got to pick a good day for this and take lots of pictures.

78. Decorate at least 5 batches of cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake book

There are a lot of cute ideas in the book. I made the Turkeys and tried to make pumpkins for Thanksgiving from the book and it was pretty easy and fun, so I want to do more.

80. Maintain blog of this entire 101 Things in 1,001 Days experience

So far, so good!

81. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons

I have to choose a scene, but I’m pretty excited about this one. I like the idea of then framing them and hanging them up in the house.

92. Teach myself to do fair isle and intarsia

Colorwork is another good way to broaden my knitting horizons. So far, I’ve limited myself to basic color striping or just using variegated yarn. I want to do more!


2. Edit and revise a NaNoWriMo novel into something publishable

Not that editing and revising means that it *will* get published, just something that I would be proud to call my own. And submit for publishing, just in case.

3. Submit novel for publishing (at least a dozen times)

Again, I don’t expect anything to come of it, but it would be neat to say I did it.

14. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle once a year (3 total for this project)

I love puzzles but haven’t done any in a few years. I’ve got to find 1,000 piece puzzle that I really want to do, though. I’ve looked at the ones in some stores and they’re not that great. Yay for shopping on the internet.

15. Save at least $2,000 in a general savings fund

I’ve never really had any savings to speak of (unless you want to count the $50 or so I have in a jar in change right now) and it would be good to have a general savings fund for emergencies or being able to buy certain things whenever they go on sale without having to really plan for them.

16. Decide on 30 pricey things I want to buy, save for them and purchase them

But, planning to purchase things is also good. And something else that I’ve always been horrible with.

23. Clean up and organize craft room

It has devolved into a huge pile of crap. I need to get it clean and organized and then maintain it, too.

51. Make ravioli from scratch (sauce too!)

I bought a ravioli pasta rotary cutter some time ago and haven’t used it yet. It’s dying to be used, so I’ve got to find a good recipe for noodles, filling and sauce and make it some weekend.

54. Learn to make Grandma’s jello salads

These were always a hit at family gatherings. I won’t be able to make them exactly like she did, of course, but even a close-enough job will be good, I think. And there’s always room for improvement that way.

55. Make tofu

I wonder if making it at home will make it more palatable as far as texture is concerned.

95. Get to a bowling average of 150

Currently, my bowling average is 105. I’ve got a long way to go to get there, but I’m confident that I can with enough practice and dedication.


10. Visit 15 places in Colorado I’ve never been

Before I got my license and a car, I kind of had an excuse to have not visited a lot of different places in Colorado. But it’s been three years and I still haven’t ventured much and I want to change that. I will hopefully have quite a handful of out-of-town guests at my wedding and having cool places to take them will be a huge bonus. (The wedding won’t be for a few years or whatever, but I like to think ahead!)

26. See 5 musical productions

I ❤ musicals, but I’ve only actually seen a handful at the theater and need to remedy that.

29. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet

This just sounds fun. I might restrict this to only movies that I see in the theater – at least it will be more challenging that way given the number of movies Kyle and I watch regularly.

30. Stay at The Stanley Hotel for a weekend

We’ve done the ghost tour, but Kyle and I really want to stay there for a weekend.

31. Go to another concert

The first concert I ever went to was last year when 3 Doors Down came to play at Red Rocks. Finger Eleven was with them and they were my favorite part, personally. It was a great experience and I’d love to go to another concert soon. I’ll have to keep an eye out for who’s coming to town and try to think of any groups or artists I’d REALLY like to see just to keep track of their tours separately.

32. Go to a Broncos game

Kyle’s gone to a few this season, but I would like to go and experience that with him at some point too, even though I’m not that into football. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to knit during a game like I do when he watches it at home, but still it’d be fun.

43. Attend a convention (anime, sci-fi, comic, writing, etc)

Another thing I’ll have to keep an eye out for just to see what’s coming to town.

47. Take swing dance lessons

Any dance lessons would probably do me some good, but I think swing dancing looks the most impressive.

62. Attend a NaNo Write-In

I’m really guarded when it comes to my creative endeavors (no, really), but why should I be when dealing with people who are also undertaking the same creative endeavor? I shouldn’t be, and should get my butt to a write-in. The only issue with that, is I don’t have a laptop, so I’ll have to work that one out, but I will!

63. Dye my hair blue

I probably would have done this long ago, but my company dress code kind of prevents it. So I have to figure out when I’ll be on vacation for a period of time and dye it then. I was thinking sometime mid-April, but we’ll see how many days I’ll be off work to begin with. 😉

69. Go to drive-in (summer!) and chill in the back of the truck with snacks and treats and blankets

I don’t know why I felt the need to specify that we would have to go to the drive-in during the summer because I don’t think the drive-in is open at other times of the year, but whatever. Kyle and I went to the drive-in this past summer and had fun, but it wasn’t planned out very well and wasn’t terribly warm, so we just sat in the cab which doesn’t seem nearly as fun (though we did have a good time).

70. Go to tea service with Kyle

Kyle’s not terribly keen on this, actually, so it doesn’t have to be that I go with Kyle specifically, but he’s the closest friend I have (naturally). In any case, I have to figure out if I want this to be a fancy tea service at one of the places around town where you have to make a reservation months in advance, or a quaint tea service at a smaller restaurant where the proprietor himself may end up serving us.

72. Watch all movies based on Stephen King stories

I thought this was going to be all fun and easy and then I looked at the list of movies (and miniseries) based on Stephen King stories. That man is ridiculously prolific! Also, some of the movies are really bad as far as production quality is concerned. But! I decided that even if I have seen them before, I will watch them again. I just think it would be fun and neat to do. And at least I’ll get some knitting done during the bad ones, right?

82. Buy a semi-skimpy bathing suit and actually wear it to swim

I think the last time I wore a bathing suit that could be considered skimpy, my age was still in the single digits and it matched the one my sister had that summer, too. If I get to a healthy weight for myself I will definitely be comfortable in a swimsuit in public, but I want something akin to the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini. But maybe without the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny part.

88. Make another list of 101 things for the 1001 days following the end of this project

I’m still pretty enthusiastic about this project right now, and I think I will be at the end of the project, so I’m sure I’ll want to keep going.

96. Go to a sushi restaurant

I went to a sushi restaurant in London with my friends, but haven’t been to one here at home. It feels so much more adventurous and like something that has to be planned for out here. But I do want to do it – especially because there’s a sushi restaurant pretty close to the house, even if that’s not the one I go to.

97. Build a snowman

I haven’t built a snowman in years. I need to get proper boots and gloves and possibly a better coat, but I will do this and it will be awesome. If not awesome, at least it will be fun.

100. Visit a sheep or alpaca farm that sells roving

Of course, the implication here is that I will then by the roving and spin it up into a nice yarn that I then knit into a nice sweater or whatnot. I like the idea of meeting the lovely animal from where my sweater started. I know there are a few farms in Colorado that raise alpaca and sheep, I just have to find them.

Continuing from my last post, here are two more categories of goals and a bit of information about each goal.  Also, if it isn’t obvious yet, some goals fit in multiple categories, so this is by no means black and white, just what felt right and seemed to fit best.

Taking Care of My Physical Well-Being

1. Get to and maintain a healthy weight

Though I said my list wasn’t in any order except the order I thought of them, getting to a healthy weight for me is indeed my biggest priority at the moment.  Last month when I got my bloodwork done I found out my triglycerides are pretty high and my bad cholesterol isn’t too far behind.  I’m definitely overweight, putting on 15 pounds in the past year alone.  It’s getting more difficult to do simple things (like tie my effing shoes!) so this has got to stop.  It’s ridiculous.  I’ve got an elliptical in the garage, though I used it a lot more when it was in the bedroom.  I might need to move it to somewhere that’s more convenient, but I’ll figure that out.  The point is, I have to get healthy.  And it’s not like it’s that hard – eat less (especially junk) and exercise more.  I just have to actually do it.  For real and for good, dammit.

13. Get caught up on health check ups

I haven’t gotten a regular exam in much too long.  Okay, so it’s been two years which may not seem very long, but really it is.  And honestly I think part of the reason I’ve not gone is because I don’t want to get lectured about my weight.  Kind of stupid, but I need to get over that.

28. Get 3 massages

I think getting a massage every now and then would do wonders for me.

35. Go on a juice fast for 3 or 4 days

I’m fascinated with the whole idea of a juice fast.  It seems like it would be pretty easy and simple – just plan out your juices and you’ll be set.  I’ve got a juicer, which I would need to learn to use first, but that would make it super easy.  I’ve read that some people do juice fasts, or detoxing or whatever the cool new hype word is for it, on a regular basis like monthly.  Depending on how I feel after my fast, whenever I can get organized enough to do it, I might try to use to jump start things again every once in a while.

37. Do yoga every day (at least 1 asana)

There are three yoga mats in the house, about 2 years worth of Yoga Journal magazines and 2 yoga practice DVDs. The fact that I haven’t done yoga more regularly is a shame.  I love it and it makes me feel better – instantly.  It’s not like lifting weights where it hurts and only after weeks does it start to make a difference.  I want to use the elliptical and do a yoga practice every day, one on either end of the day to balance each other out.  Getting to the point where I can finagle that routine (and go to work on time) is an obstacle at the moment.  So in the meantime, my goal is to do at least one asana a day.  Any asana, even if it’s just mountain pose.

53. Get up at the same time every day for 1 month

Tying in with my difficulty thus far for getting a good routine, I can’t seem to wake up in the mornings at the time I set the alarm for.  I’m a snooze-hitter, for sure.  I’m not grumpy when I get up, I just don’t get up when I initially intend to.  I want this to change so that I have a mostly regular routine (late night movie excursions excepted).  I feel better with a routine, I just have to get into one.

71. Go 1 week without eating out (fast food, restaurants, even deli from the store!)

Ties in to losing weight (and saving money). Though I do admit we’ve eaten fast food less since I moved in, which is nice.

83. Try 5 new vegetables

I suspect that I’ll get these veggies from the farmer’s market or one of the Asian marketplaces nearby.  I think I’ve had all the veggies offered in the regular supermarket, though I’ll have to take a better look next time.

86. Get a comfortable chair for my desk

My hips, shoulders and lower back will certainly thank me for this one.

Taking Care of My Mental and Emotional Well-Being

6. Read at least 2 books a month

I generally read the book my book club reads each month (not always though), but I want to make sure I’m reading more than just that, too.  And if I “read” audiobooks, it’d be even easier since I can listen to those when I’m doing other stuff.

19. Learn Japanese (via study groups, on my own or a class)

This past February I decided I wanted to learn Japanese and got a lot of books and study aids and even My Japanese Word Coach for my Nintendo DS.  But I still wouldn’t even call myself an advanced beginner because I never got into a good study routine for it.  I looked and Japanese I at my alma mater as a personal enrichment class is about $230.  That would be for 16 hours of instruction, which kind of seems expensive but if it helps me meet other like-minded people to continue my studies after the class, I think it would be worth it.  Also, I really miss having a structured foreign language learning environment.  The Russian language classes I took in college were some of my favorites.

22. Try out a new baking recipe each month

There are so many things to bake!  I’m not sure if I want to do this as something to bring into the office for coworkers or rather just keep it for friends and family, but we’ll see.

25. Visit my grandmother’s grave in Kansas

She grew up in Kansas and wanted to be buried in the same place as her mom and dad.  We went out for the burial itself, but I haven’t been since.  It’s only about an 8 hour drive and one of her sisters still lives close by so I would have somewhere to stay if I needed.  I haven’t done it yet (it’s been two years) because it doesn’t seem like any weekend would work and I’m kind of afraid, of confronting that still, I guess.  But I need to.  (There’s a commemorative bench and tree planted in her honor in a local park out here that I also need to visit more often.)

27. Develop a New Year’s Eve tradition with Kyle and the kids

It would be very nice to be able to develop a holiday tradition with Kyle and the kids since they already have some set in stone, but evidently they don’t do much on New Year’s Eve.

34. Do a New York Times Sunday Crossword (at least 95% complete) without any help

I have dreams (very improbable ones) of winning the National Crossword Puzzle Championship, but if I can’t complete a NY Times Sunday Puzzle on my own, that certainly won’t happen.  (Perhaps going to the tournament will be a goal for another set of 1,001 days.)

50. Finish travelogues from Canada, London and Memphis

I have two days of Canada to write about (from August 2008!), three days of London (from May 2009) and then another day and a half of Memphis (just from this past September).

60. Learn to play a new game every month

I love playing games and I love learning.  This seemed like a no-brainer to add to the list.  That was before I thought about how I was going to go about learning said games.  Online?  Going to gaming meetups?  I’d rather avoid having to buy a new game every month, of course.  If all else fails, I can always refer to my trusty Hoyle Rules for Card Games book.  We’ll see how this works out.

61. Write 3 short stories in NaNo off-season

This year’s NaNo (which I WON!) made me remember that I really do like writing.  I think writing more often will help me win at NaNo in the future more easily – and hopefully with less editing.

64. Spend an entire day in bed (when healthy!) reading, relaxing, etc.

Does this not sound completely awesome?

74. Reread (relisten to) The Dark Tower series

I rushed through The Dark Tower series when I first read/listened to them so I probably missed a lot.  Every other time I’ve tried to get through them again, I get stuck in Book 5, Wolves of the Calla.  I want to get through to the end again because I remember enjoying Books 6 and 7 quite a bit.  (Though I haven’t cried as much at a book since I read My Girl when I was 11.  Okay, that’s not true, Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture totally got me, too.)

75. Buy a world map & study it!

This will help with a) my crossword solving skills; b) my chances at Jeopardy; c) any trivia games and d) my general feeling of intelligence and worldliness.  I’m trying to decide if I want one of those giant wall size maps or just a really good atlas book.

76. Do morning pages most mornings (4/7 each week)

I learned of morning pages from The Artist’s Way.  I really like the concept and perhaps they will help wake me up more naturally than letting my alarm go off 15 times before I finally stop hitting snooze.

85. Go to the library once a month

I underutilize my library.

89. Make another list of 101 things for the 1001 days following the end of this project

I anticipate that this will be a successful project and would like to see that success continue in future 1,001 day chunks of time.

91. Take the online Jeopardy test each year

I took it this past year and really enjoyed the experience, not that anything came of it.  But if it ever did…

94. Do a proper Lush pampering at least once a month

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes I forget to take care of myself.  Slowing things down to pamper myself with Lush once a month is a good start.  And gives me a nice reason to get more Lush stuff.

99. Let go of a balloon

Some things just need to be set free.

Today is day 1 of 1,001 for me.  Before I go to bed I will have done both of my daily goals (write morning pages and do some yoga).  I’d like to give more information about each of my goals.  I’ve sorted them out roughly into the following categories: mental health, physical health, environmental health, relationships, accomplishments, adventures, crafty things and “adult” responsibilities that I haven’t seem to have gotten the hang of yet.  I figured it might be easier to introduce the goals categorically.  So, without further ado.

“Adult” Responsibilities That I Haven’t Seem To Have Gotten The Hang Of Yet

36. Get Penny caught up on car maintenance

I’m a horrible car owner, rarely paying attention to mileage and tune ups.  My goal is to make sure Penny gets regular maintenance so that she’ll be around for awhile yet.

46. Get to work at least 5 minutes early every day

This seems like a no-brainer, but this past year especially I’ve gotten to work on the dot or just past 9:00 a.m. when my shift starts.  We’ve just started using a new timeclock that requires you to log in to your computer and then to the timeclock and then you have to punch in, so getting to work exactly at 9:00 a.m. doesn’t cut it anymore.  Also, leaving home with plenty of time helps me start the day off right without feeling rushed or speeding on the highway to make sure I get there.

49. Sincerely try out the Flylady program for domestic organization

I cannot begin to describe the horribly cluttered state of the house. It doesn’t help that I moved in with my boyfriend, Kyle, in October merging my too-much-stuff with his too-much-stuff.  There’s a lot of work to be done and maintain and I need serious help with it.  I’ve heard about Flylady before, so I figure it’s time I give it a go.  I’m going to try this in earnest beginning on January 1st.

58. Unpack all boxes

I’ve got boxes that haven’t been unpacked and gone through in years.  It’s time to remedy that.  (And also the regular boxes that were just packed up in October for the move and I haven’t unpacked yet.)

59. Get everything from storage

Over the past few years I’ve moved from a two bedroom apartment all by myself to a one bedroom apartment to one room and now into a house that’s already been furnished.  A lot of my stuff resides in my mom’s storage unit and I want to get everything out of there, dealt with, organized and put away or donated.

79. Pay off overdraft

I rely much too heavily on my overdraft and want to stop that bad habit, using it as intended – for emergencies only.  (No, buying that amazingly perfect skein of yarn (and of course 3 of its friends) does not constitute an emergency.)

90. Make a Will

This feels like one of the most daunting goals on my list, but I’d like to get it out of the way.

Goals To Improve My Relationship With My Environment and/or Community

4. Plant and tend some vegetables each spring and summer

I’ve always wanted to grow some of my own produce.  We don’t have much of a backyard here, so I’ll have to use containers, but I’m okay with that for now.

5. Line dry clothes outside in the spring and summer

Again, without a big huge backyard, it makes this a little more challenging, but I’m game.

12. Buy a menstrual cup

I honestly think this will probably help me feel better physically during my period as well.

24. Once able, give blood every six weeks

Because of a medication I’m taking now, I’m unable to give blood for quite some time.  But once I am able, I can’t wait to make regular donations.

33. Knit 5 hat&scarf combos for charity

I hope that I do more than just 5, but it’s a good start.

38. Obtain (make or buy) enough totes for shopping that I can practically eliminate my use of plastic bags

I have a few that I’ve made and a few that I’ve bought.  My weakness lies in not putting them in convenient spots for when I actually need them.  Something small enough to fit in my purse is my biggest priority to accomplishing this one at the moment.

84. Attempt composting

This will require some research on my part and I’m hoping to help teach others in the house about it too.

87. Make regular donations to Goodwill

I’ve got two boxes sitting around for the past two months that are ready to be donated that I just haven’t actually taken.  That’s lame.

101. Go to a farmer’s market (or to Ollin Farms on the way home from work)

Much to my chagrin, I’ve never been to a farmer’s market, even though there are several within driving (and walking) distance of home and work and I even drive past a farm on the way home from work that sells their produce a few days a week.

More tomorrow!


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