Today is day 1 of 1,001 for me.  Before I go to bed I will have done both of my daily goals (write morning pages and do some yoga).  I’d like to give more information about each of my goals.  I’ve sorted them out roughly into the following categories: mental health, physical health, environmental health, relationships, accomplishments, adventures, crafty things and “adult” responsibilities that I haven’t seem to have gotten the hang of yet.  I figured it might be easier to introduce the goals categorically.  So, without further ado.

“Adult” Responsibilities That I Haven’t Seem To Have Gotten The Hang Of Yet

36. Get Penny caught up on car maintenance

I’m a horrible car owner, rarely paying attention to mileage and tune ups.  My goal is to make sure Penny gets regular maintenance so that she’ll be around for awhile yet.

46. Get to work at least 5 minutes early every day

This seems like a no-brainer, but this past year especially I’ve gotten to work on the dot or just past 9:00 a.m. when my shift starts.  We’ve just started using a new timeclock that requires you to log in to your computer and then to the timeclock and then you have to punch in, so getting to work exactly at 9:00 a.m. doesn’t cut it anymore.  Also, leaving home with plenty of time helps me start the day off right without feeling rushed or speeding on the highway to make sure I get there.

49. Sincerely try out the Flylady program for domestic organization

I cannot begin to describe the horribly cluttered state of the house. It doesn’t help that I moved in with my boyfriend, Kyle, in October merging my too-much-stuff with his too-much-stuff.  There’s a lot of work to be done and maintain and I need serious help with it.  I’ve heard about Flylady before, so I figure it’s time I give it a go.  I’m going to try this in earnest beginning on January 1st.

58. Unpack all boxes

I’ve got boxes that haven’t been unpacked and gone through in years.  It’s time to remedy that.  (And also the regular boxes that were just packed up in October for the move and I haven’t unpacked yet.)

59. Get everything from storage

Over the past few years I’ve moved from a two bedroom apartment all by myself to a one bedroom apartment to one room and now into a house that’s already been furnished.  A lot of my stuff resides in my mom’s storage unit and I want to get everything out of there, dealt with, organized and put away or donated.

79. Pay off overdraft

I rely much too heavily on my overdraft and want to stop that bad habit, using it as intended – for emergencies only.  (No, buying that amazingly perfect skein of yarn (and of course 3 of its friends) does not constitute an emergency.)

90. Make a Will

This feels like one of the most daunting goals on my list, but I’d like to get it out of the way.

Goals To Improve My Relationship With My Environment and/or Community

4. Plant and tend some vegetables each spring and summer

I’ve always wanted to grow some of my own produce.  We don’t have much of a backyard here, so I’ll have to use containers, but I’m okay with that for now.

5. Line dry clothes outside in the spring and summer

Again, without a big huge backyard, it makes this a little more challenging, but I’m game.

12. Buy a menstrual cup

I honestly think this will probably help me feel better physically during my period as well.

24. Once able, give blood every six weeks

Because of a medication I’m taking now, I’m unable to give blood for quite some time.  But once I am able, I can’t wait to make regular donations.

33. Knit 5 hat&scarf combos for charity

I hope that I do more than just 5, but it’s a good start.

38. Obtain (make or buy) enough totes for shopping that I can practically eliminate my use of plastic bags

I have a few that I’ve made and a few that I’ve bought.  My weakness lies in not putting them in convenient spots for when I actually need them.  Something small enough to fit in my purse is my biggest priority to accomplishing this one at the moment.

84. Attempt composting

This will require some research on my part and I’m hoping to help teach others in the house about it too.

87. Make regular donations to Goodwill

I’ve got two boxes sitting around for the past two months that are ready to be donated that I just haven’t actually taken.  That’s lame.

101. Go to a farmer’s market (or to Ollin Farms on the way home from work)

Much to my chagrin, I’ve never been to a farmer’s market, even though there are several within driving (and walking) distance of home and work and I even drive past a farm on the way home from work that sells their produce a few days a week.

More tomorrow!