I meant to break these last four categories into two posts, but things were a little hectic at the end of the week, so here are all of the rest of my goals.


7. Organize and maintain pen pal correspondence

I bought a bunch of composition notebooks awhile back with the idea of using them to keep track of my pen pal correspondence, but I have yet to use them to their fullest potential. Also, I have a few unanswered letters lying around that I need to take care of.

8. Send at least 10 random care packages

Random care packages do not include any packages sent near gift-giving holidays or the recipient’s birthday. I’m not sure yet if I will stick solely to people I know, or if I want to see if I can figure out how to send a care package to someone completely random. Also, anything done as a swap (where I get a care package in return) via swap-bot or somewhere similar, does not count.

9. Private goal

Ooooh, mysterious.

17. Make sure everyone gets their altered books back

I organized, without much foresight, an altered book round robin with a group of friends who were all at a friend’s wedding last August. The books are supposed to be returned to their owners, according to the original timeline, by the beginning of February. I don’t believe this is going to happen in any way, shape or form. At this point, my biggest concern is just making sure everyone gets their own books back, even if it takes the next six months. I’ve definitely got to be more proactive in corralling everyone and doing my own spreads in everyone’s books too.

18. Send out friendship books at least once every two weeks

I have a box full of friendship books, friendship bags, sticker bags, decos and slams that I need to get passed on!

93. Host at least two family get-togethers

This past year my family didn’t see much of each other as a big group and I think if I took the initiative to try to plan something instead of relying on everyone else to put it together, we’d see each other more often which is what I would like.

98. Write to at least 10 people from Friendship books, bags, etc.

New pen pals have to start from somewhere, right?

Craft-Oriented Goals

11. Sew Kyle and I aprons

Kyle hates having anything on his hands, so he really wants an apron he can just wipe his hands on all the time when he’s cooking or washing up. I am a messy cook and an even messier baker, so I’d really benefit from an apron. I think I might make one that’s strictly utilitarian and one that’s pretty and frilly so I can pretend to be a 1950s housewife or something.

20. Make and can fruit “butters” or other sauces for gifting

I love the idea of canning and tried some strawberry jam a few summers ago which came out more like strawberry syrup, but I heard it was good on ice cream. In any case, I want to make the most out of the summer and fall harvests going forward and starting with some apple or pear or other butters for gifting would be great, I think. I can make up a nice little loaf of something or other to gift with them as well which I think sounds delightfully wholesome and tasty.

21. Make pickles

I love pickles but buying enough from the store to keep up with my cravings for them gets expensive. I wouldn’t mind trying out some other pickled vegetables either, but I’ll start with traditional cucumber pickles first.

39. Finish at least one knitting project each month

In the past, I’ve given up knitting during the summer for other various crafts. This is not a good way to get things done though, because by the time I pick up my needles again in the fall, it’s almost too late to do much for holiday knitting or for my own handknit winter wear. If I can knit throughout the year, however, I think I will be much more productive with my handknits and I’m looking forward to that.

40. Coordinate and plan birthday and holiday gifting ahead of time

Eventually, I would like to make or handcraft most, if not all, of the gifts I give each year. I can’t do that without a lot more planning that I currently do. (Which is almost none.)

41. Take a creative class (art, writing, etc)

Unfortunately most of the classes I’ve seen available for painting or something are at like 10am during the middle of the week which would be great if I worked the night shift or were retired already, but as I am not, I’m still hunting for good classes. I’m not sure which one I’d like to take the most – any creative class almost appeals to me in some way.

42. Learn to spin yarn

I’d love to learn to spin yarn. But even if I do take a class for this one, it does not satisfy #41 above.

44. Complete vacation scrapbooks (France, Vegas, Mexico, Canada, London, Memphis)

I only have one completed vacation scrapbook, from when Kyle and I went to Hollywood. It’s an 8×8, so it was easier, but I really need to get everything else done too. I want to be able to flip through them and reminisce instead of looking at the stack of pictures and feeling pressured because the scrapbook still isn’t done yet.

45. Knit something with steeks

I would like to open up my knitting world to more and more projects and learning to steek seems like a good way to do that.

48. Organize and maintain Ravelry and Flickr better

Ravelry and Flickr are both amazing websites and useful tools. I just need to tend to them better.

52. Make 1 page scrapbook mementos from London and Memphis (after Jenny’s wedding)

Once done, I will take these 1-pagers into work and hang them up in my cubicle.

56. Cold process soap

I’ve made melt-n-pour soap which is fun, but cold processing soap seems more natural and authentic. I’m scared to death of lye, though (the lye-kiss scene from Fight Club is partly to blame for this), so it will be something I have to overcome and read and research about a lot beforehand.

57. Collect 100 ATCs and 100 inchies total

I intend to do this mostly through swaps on swap-bot. My own ATCs or inchies will not count toward my collection total, however, any ATCs or inchies that I already have, will.

65. Knit/Crochet coverlet/blanket for bed

I don’t know whose bed, or even if it has to be something that will be functional instead of just pretty, but one of the first ideas I had when I started knitting was to make a blanket for the bed. I’ve made afghans before, but I want a big, huge blanket. I’m leaning toward something functional and probably modular at the moment, but we’ll see how that goes.

66. Complete Painting cross-stitch

I have several cross-stitch patterns for famous paintings and I would really like to actually complete one of them. I’ve got most, if not all of the colors already, since I bought them when I first got the patterns, I just need to do it. Cross-stitch always seems so slow for me, though, so I tend to choose to knit instead. Maybe if I go into the project knowing that it doesn’t have to be done for 2 or so years it will be easier.

67. Make myself 4 pairs of socks

I really want some handknit socks for myself.

68. Make Kyle 2 pairs of socks

And I want to share the handknit sock love, too.

73. Give away or use up my yarn stash

I don’t think I have a terribly excessive stash, but I do need to use it up. If anything I have is something I won’t use, I need to give it away or use it for a snuggles project or something similar.

77. Do a Day in the Life photo entry

I’ve just got to pick a good day for this and take lots of pictures.

78. Decorate at least 5 batches of cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake book

There are a lot of cute ideas in the book. I made the Turkeys and tried to make pumpkins for Thanksgiving from the book and it was pretty easy and fun, so I want to do more.

80. Maintain blog of this entire 101 Things in 1,001 Days experience

So far, so good!

81. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons

I have to choose a scene, but I’m pretty excited about this one. I like the idea of then framing them and hanging them up in the house.

92. Teach myself to do fair isle and intarsia

Colorwork is another good way to broaden my knitting horizons. So far, I’ve limited myself to basic color striping or just using variegated yarn. I want to do more!


2. Edit and revise a NaNoWriMo novel into something publishable

Not that editing and revising means that it *will* get published, just something that I would be proud to call my own. And submit for publishing, just in case.

3. Submit novel for publishing (at least a dozen times)

Again, I don’t expect anything to come of it, but it would be neat to say I did it.

14. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle once a year (3 total for this project)

I love puzzles but haven’t done any in a few years. I’ve got to find 1,000 piece puzzle that I really want to do, though. I’ve looked at the ones in some stores and they’re not that great. Yay for shopping on the internet.

15. Save at least $2,000 in a general savings fund

I’ve never really had any savings to speak of (unless you want to count the $50 or so I have in a jar in change right now) and it would be good to have a general savings fund for emergencies or being able to buy certain things whenever they go on sale without having to really plan for them.

16. Decide on 30 pricey things I want to buy, save for them and purchase them

But, planning to purchase things is also good. And something else that I’ve always been horrible with.

23. Clean up and organize craft room

It has devolved into a huge pile of crap. I need to get it clean and organized and then maintain it, too.

51. Make ravioli from scratch (sauce too!)

I bought a ravioli pasta rotary cutter some time ago and haven’t used it yet. It’s dying to be used, so I’ve got to find a good recipe for noodles, filling and sauce and make it some weekend.

54. Learn to make Grandma’s jello salads

These were always a hit at family gatherings. I won’t be able to make them exactly like she did, of course, but even a close-enough job will be good, I think. And there’s always room for improvement that way.

55. Make tofu

I wonder if making it at home will make it more palatable as far as texture is concerned.

95. Get to a bowling average of 150

Currently, my bowling average is 105. I’ve got a long way to go to get there, but I’m confident that I can with enough practice and dedication.


10. Visit 15 places in Colorado I’ve never been

Before I got my license and a car, I kind of had an excuse to have not visited a lot of different places in Colorado. But it’s been three years and I still haven’t ventured much and I want to change that. I will hopefully have quite a handful of out-of-town guests at my wedding and having cool places to take them will be a huge bonus. (The wedding won’t be for a few years or whatever, but I like to think ahead!)

26. See 5 musical productions

I ❤ musicals, but I’ve only actually seen a handful at the theater and need to remedy that.

29. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet

This just sounds fun. I might restrict this to only movies that I see in the theater – at least it will be more challenging that way given the number of movies Kyle and I watch regularly.

30. Stay at The Stanley Hotel for a weekend

We’ve done the ghost tour, but Kyle and I really want to stay there for a weekend.

31. Go to another concert

The first concert I ever went to was last year when 3 Doors Down came to play at Red Rocks. Finger Eleven was with them and they were my favorite part, personally. It was a great experience and I’d love to go to another concert soon. I’ll have to keep an eye out for who’s coming to town and try to think of any groups or artists I’d REALLY like to see just to keep track of their tours separately.

32. Go to a Broncos game

Kyle’s gone to a few this season, but I would like to go and experience that with him at some point too, even though I’m not that into football. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to knit during a game like I do when he watches it at home, but still it’d be fun.

43. Attend a convention (anime, sci-fi, comic, writing, etc)

Another thing I’ll have to keep an eye out for just to see what’s coming to town.

47. Take swing dance lessons

Any dance lessons would probably do me some good, but I think swing dancing looks the most impressive.

62. Attend a NaNo Write-In

I’m really guarded when it comes to my creative endeavors (no, really), but why should I be when dealing with people who are also undertaking the same creative endeavor? I shouldn’t be, and should get my butt to a write-in. The only issue with that, is I don’t have a laptop, so I’ll have to work that one out, but I will!

63. Dye my hair blue

I probably would have done this long ago, but my company dress code kind of prevents it. So I have to figure out when I’ll be on vacation for a period of time and dye it then. I was thinking sometime mid-April, but we’ll see how many days I’ll be off work to begin with. 😉

69. Go to drive-in (summer!) and chill in the back of the truck with snacks and treats and blankets

I don’t know why I felt the need to specify that we would have to go to the drive-in during the summer because I don’t think the drive-in is open at other times of the year, but whatever. Kyle and I went to the drive-in this past summer and had fun, but it wasn’t planned out very well and wasn’t terribly warm, so we just sat in the cab which doesn’t seem nearly as fun (though we did have a good time).

70. Go to tea service with Kyle

Kyle’s not terribly keen on this, actually, so it doesn’t have to be that I go with Kyle specifically, but he’s the closest friend I have (naturally). In any case, I have to figure out if I want this to be a fancy tea service at one of the places around town where you have to make a reservation months in advance, or a quaint tea service at a smaller restaurant where the proprietor himself may end up serving us.

72. Watch all movies based on Stephen King stories

I thought this was going to be all fun and easy and then I looked at the list of movies (and miniseries) based on Stephen King stories. That man is ridiculously prolific! Also, some of the movies are really bad as far as production quality is concerned. But! I decided that even if I have seen them before, I will watch them again. I just think it would be fun and neat to do. And at least I’ll get some knitting done during the bad ones, right?

82. Buy a semi-skimpy bathing suit and actually wear it to swim

I think the last time I wore a bathing suit that could be considered skimpy, my age was still in the single digits and it matched the one my sister had that summer, too. If I get to a healthy weight for myself I will definitely be comfortable in a swimsuit in public, but I want something akin to the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini. But maybe without the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny part.

88. Make another list of 101 things for the 1001 days following the end of this project

I’m still pretty enthusiastic about this project right now, and I think I will be at the end of the project, so I’m sure I’ll want to keep going.

96. Go to a sushi restaurant

I went to a sushi restaurant in London with my friends, but haven’t been to one here at home. It feels so much more adventurous and like something that has to be planned for out here. But I do want to do it – especially because there’s a sushi restaurant pretty close to the house, even if that’s not the one I go to.

97. Build a snowman

I haven’t built a snowman in years. I need to get proper boots and gloves and possibly a better coat, but I will do this and it will be awesome. If not awesome, at least it will be fun.

100. Visit a sheep or alpaca farm that sells roving

Of course, the implication here is that I will then by the roving and spin it up into a nice yarn that I then knit into a nice sweater or whatnot. I like the idea of meeting the lovely animal from where my sweater started. I know there are a few farms in Colorado that raise alpaca and sheep, I just have to find them.