Last weekend I made this video as a vlogging update sort of thing. (Perhaps I should have included “Practice more precise speech” in my list?) For some reason it wouldn’t upload last weekend and I’ve only just gotten around to uploading it this morning. So here you go!

Week 2 has been similar with no real progress being made insofar as I can’t check anything off the list yet, but I am doing the little steps toward getting to cross something off.  I’ve been falling behind on my yoga poses and really need to get into a better routine with that.  I have lost a few pounds by following the calorie budget set by the Lose It! application, which is encouraging, so hopefully that will continue.  I’m writing in my Morning Pages almost every day.  I got *just* under 95% on last Sunday’s crossword which was awesome.  I was only 3 boxes or so behind.  Still looking for puzzles.  Still trying to keep the house tidy (but not doing so well with that).  I’ve been knitting rather voraciously over the past week and have finished Kyle’s hat, one Zozo toy (not including the embroidered eyes) and 1.5 pairs of mittens (which a co-worker asked me to do and as I’ve never knit mittens before I thought it would be fun).

Kyle's Hat

Kyle's Hat

Zozo Toy from the Side

1.5 Pairs of Mittens

I’m leaving early early Saturday morning to go to California with my mom and sister and nieces and nephew.  We’ll be gone for about 10 days and I haven’t even started thinking about what I need to pack.  I also need to get my oil changed in my car, which we’re driving out (along with my mom’s car).  Should be fun, but Kyle won’t be able to come out with us, so I’ll be kind of sad about that.  Oh! I’ve got to pack a lot of knitting stuff.  I’ll probably have to have a whole separate bag for that because 10 days, 2 or more of which will be spent on the road, is a long time not to have any knitting.  As today is the last non-workday I’ll have before leaving, I really need to get started on getting ready for all of that.  Eep!