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Whoa, long time no see.  In this update, I’m just going to focus really quickly on those things that I have actually worked toward.  Also, I have a slight adjustment for one item on the list, which I’ll address first.  Originally, #16 indicated that I would have to save for my 30 pricey items.  I don’t feel like this is a good goal for me so instead I’ve revised it to read that I will “Decided on 30 pricey things I want to buy, budget for them and purchase them.”  Part of my idea of saving for something pricey was so that it wouldn’t be an impulse buy, but if I’m coming up with the list ahead of time, it’s not an impulse buy so I think the revision is a more achievable goal for me.  (If it’s not obvious, I’m not great at saving money that isn’t in the form of change collected in a cup on the bathroom counter.)

Moving along to positive things! I have crossed off my #12!  I bought a menstrual cup on 02/28/10.  I purchased the DivaCup and some Lunapads over at  I haven’t used them yet, but am very excited to do so and I think they’re both going to be wonderful products!

Also, I have completed my 1,000 piece puzzle for this year.  Yay!  I had the idea to do a time lapse, but it didn’t turn out so great.  When I get a proper picture of the complete puzzle, I’ll be sure to post it.

I have made a concerted effort to get everyone back on track with the altered books Round Robin, so hopefully that will make for a good push to completing #17.

February was filled with new baking recipes and they were all delicious!  Still have to think of something new to do for March.  (Last March I did Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting and that was pretty fun.  It turned me off of the idea of doing anything St. Patrick’s Day related, however.)

I’ve moved my desk area to the new craft room area and am progressing toward getting all my crafts organized and up in the new craft room.  I’m hoping to get more done on that this weekend and next, though it will involve going through several boxes and carrying my craft stuff upstairs – yech.

I have completed taking the prescription that prevented me from giving blood which is nice.  I do have to wait a year though, for it to leave my system before I can try to give blood again.  But I’m that much closer to being able to give blood every six weeks (#24).

I’ve added Cop Out to my 26 Movies… list.  Only 23 more to go!  Here’s to hoping that movies starting with X and Z will come out in theaters before my 1,001 days are up. 😉

#49 is to sincerely try out the program for domestic organization and tidiness and I believe I’m coming along well here.  I still have setbacks every now and then, but I’m taking babysteps to get used to my routines and I’m in the mindset now that cleaning isn’t a chore, it’s a blessing.  It’s amazing how much more inviting and welcoming a clean home is than a messy one – not even to guests necessarily, but to us.

#58 and #59 go hand in hand for me.  I have retrieved everything save for two tables from storage.  Woo!!!  i went through and unpacked, gave away and threw away everything in all of the boxes I brought home from storage the same weekend that we got them which was a massive undertaking but also a huge relief.  I only have a few boxes left to go through, and those two tables to get, before I can cross both of these off.  Awesome!

Kyle and I watched Children of the Corn a few weeks ago to go along with my goal to watch all movies based on Stephen King stories.  It was much better than I expected given the time period it was filmed.  But I think that’s unique to Stephen King stories, though I do expect to encounter a few that were totally butchered by the film adaptation.

As far as #89 is concerned, I am current with Lost!  And totally obsessed.  I wish I had really been into it back in 2004 just so I would have had more time to savor all the mystery and characters instead of plowing through all 5 old seasons from last April through to the premiere of the final season.  We have Netflix and I’m probably going to rewatch all the other five seasons (or at least Seasons 1 – 3) before the series finale because we took a big break between Season 3 and Season 4.  I will probably also end up buying the entire series on blu-ray at some point so I can listen to the commentary.  Such a good show!

I did take the online Jeopardy test this year (#91).  I didn’t do so fantastically, but it was fun in any case.

And finally, my bowling average is currently at 114 which is up quite a bit from last time I wrote about my goal of getting to 150.  I’m pretty consistent these days (except for last week, but I blame recovering from my cold on that) and it feels pretty good to perform consistently well.  I’ve gotten significantly better at picking up spares, which helps.  It’s a fantastic thing when you aim for something and hit your mark dead on.  I really enjoy bowling and hope to keep doing better and better.  We’re thinking of joining a summer league, but it would be nice to take the summer off and just do the fall league again.  We’ll see.

And that’s it for now!  I have done more than I expected so that’s nice.  Hopefully I’ll keep up with #80 better and write more often here.



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