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I’m really going to try to blog about this more often than I have been. I’ve got some friends doing this too who are going to try to post weekly updates, so hopefully I can get myself to do that as well!

Here’s another quick rundown of The List and how I’ve been working toward each goal (or perhaps haven’t been).

Get to and maintain a healthy weight – The good news here is that I haven’t gained any weight. The bad news is that I haven’t really lost any either. I was up to 3.8 pounds lost, then I went on vacation and gained it back. I’ve been stress eating a little bit this past week because of getting back from vacation and trying to get back into the swing of a regular routine. I’m trying to keep healthier snacks on hand though, like frozen grapes or blackberries so I don’t pig out on junk food. Like I said, I haven’t gained any weight, so it’s working in that regard. I really need to get over myself and just exercise more. I do two 15 – 20 minute walks each workday, but that isn’t enough if I really want to see any significant weight loss.

Edit and revise a NaNoWriMo novel into something publishable / Submit novel for publishing (at least a dozen times) – Both of these were added to the list when I was still running off the high of actually winning at NaNoWriMo for once. (Okay so I’ve only tried three or four times, but still.) After that settled, though, I realized that I don’t like writing fiction. I’m not a fiction storyteller and I don’t think I really want to put the effort into trying to get any fiction published since that’s not really want I want to do with my life, not even on the side. I’m not sure if I’ll leave these or replace them, but I’m not working on these currently until I figure out exactly what role I want writing to take in my future.

Plant and tend some vegetables each spring and summer – As soon as we get back from LA, I plan on buying some seeds or pre-potted things and seeing where it goes from there!

Line dry clothes outside in the spring and summer – This is still going to require an investment in a clothesline, but I’m excited for it and being able to line dry clothes on the weekends.

Read at least 2 books a month – You’d think being in a book club would make this easier, but it doesn’t. I don’t know if the book club is just wearing thin or what, but I haven’t much cared about reading the books we’ve been picking lately. It feels like too much of a chore. And you’d think that given that, I’d be reading my own stuff, but I’m not. I have to concentrate more on making time to read because I really do enjoy it, it just feels like I never have the time to do so.

Organize and maintain pen pal correspondence – This is not very well organized nor very well maintained at the moment. I’m hoping that the first weekend in May (which will be my first free weekend in what feels like forever), I can get back into this.

Send at least 10 random care packages – Haven’t sent one yet, but I keep my eyes peeled for things that would be well-suited to a random care package.

Private goal – This really hasn’t gone anywhere.

Visit 15 places in Colorado I’ve never been – Kyle and I went to the Mile High Flea Market the weekend before we left for Memphis. Normally I wouldn’t consider a store-type place would count toward this goal, but this is a Colorado landmark and institution, so it totally counts. Only 14 more places! I should make a list of potential places sometime. (That might go along with reading up on Colorado history before Coloradical, whenever that might be.)

Sew Kyle and I aprons – Haven’t gotten any closer to this yet, either picking out a pattern or fabrics.

Buy a menstrual cup – 02/28/10 – All done! I love it and wouldn’t switch back to tampons (Elvis brand or not) for anything.

Get caught up on health check ups – Currently I am embarrassed about going to see the doctor because I’m so overweight. It’s ridiculous, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less true. So I would really like to lose some weight and then go to the doctor this fall. If the weight loss doesn’t happen by then, I’ll go anyway because it’s stupid of me to keep neglecting my check ups.

Do a 1,000 piece puzzle once a year (3 total for this project) – I completed one already this year. I’ve got to keep my eye out for another good puzzle for next year.

Save at least $2,000 in a general savings fund – Savings – ha! Maybe someday.

Decide on 30 pricey things I want to buy, save for them and purchase them – As I am crap at saving for things, I think I will adjust this to read “Decided on 30 pricey things I want to buy, budget for them and purchase them” as that will seem much less like I’m setting myself up to fail. I have not decided on all 30 pricey things yet, though I do have a list going and will need to review that, too.

Make sure everyone gets their altered books back – I’m trying to be more vigilant about this one and I really think everyone will get their books back, it’s just a matter of when.

Send out friendship books at least once every two weeks – I have not done this and my box of FBs is overflowing. I really need to send a bunch on.

Learn Japanese (via study groups, on my own or a class) – Still slacking on this one.

Make and can fruit “butters” or other sauces for gifting – I think this will be a summertime project so I haven’t done anything with this yet.

Make pickles – Again, a summertime project. Though I need to find out when pickling cucumbers are in season.

Try out a new baking recipe each month – This is something I *have* been doing! Sometimes more than one recipe each month, too. I’m not documenting them well all the time, but I think going forward, I will do better with that. It’s easy for me too because I like trying new recipes in general so it’s not like I have to concentrate and remind myself that I have to try a new baking recipe this month.

Clean up and organize craft room – This has to be done when we get back, before I host a get together at our house. At least to the point where the boxes that are in there are sorted through and cleaned up or put away. I haven’t made much progress in general on this one though.

Once able, give blood every six weeks – I’m not able to give blood until next April, so I’ve got some time yet.

Visit my grandmother’s grave in Kansas – Haven’t done this yet, either.

See 5 musical productions – None yet, but I get emails from our local center for performing arts so I keep looking to see what’s available.

Develop a New Year’s Eve tradition with Kyle and the kids – We had a lovely New Year’s Eve this past year, so we’ll hopefully keep it going!

Get 3 massages – 0 for 3 so far.

Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet – I’ve seen a few, A, C and S are taken care of. Oh, also H!

Stay at The Stanley Hotel for a weekend – This is something we really have to save for, or budget very carefully for and that hasn’t happened yet.

Go to another concert – Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars have been to Denver since I started this project and I wasn’t able to see either of them (either due to lack of planning/budgeting or other plans). So I’ll keep an eye out for other acts coming up.

Go to a Broncos game – This may or may not happen this fall. We’ll see.

Knit 5 hat&scarf combos for charity – I’m hoping that once I clean up and organize the craft room, I’ll have a better idea of the yarn I have available to knit these will so that I can get them taken care of and perhaps knit more than just 5.

Do a New York Times Sunday Crossword (at least 95% complete) without any help – I got really close once, but haven’t gotten nearly as close since. I’m trying to do crossword puzzles daily just to stay used to them, but sometimes I slack on that, too.

Go on a juice fast for 3 or 4 days – Perhaps when we get back from LA I can do this. Seems like a very LA thing to do at least. Or maybe I’ll wait until the height of fresh fruit season so I can juice my own fruits and veggies. We’ll see.

Get Penny caught up on car maintenance – Seeing as she hhad 75% of her tires replaced recently, I’d say that’s a good head start. I still need to get her in for a regular tune up, oil change, etc, but that will come in time.

Do yoga every day (at least 1 asana) – Not keeping up on this in the slightest. I may change this to “Work on and be aware of my posture” but that seems like a goal that is hard to really measure. I have to think about this one.

Obtain (make or buy) enough totes for shopping that I can practically eliminate my use of plastic bags – I need to find some good crochet and/or knitting patterns for this one and churn them out. Maybe a sewing pattern or two, as well.

Finish at least one knitting project each month – I seem to be able to start at least one knitting project each month, but finishing one every month is a different story. Heh.

Coordinate and plan birthday and holiday gifting ahead of time – On Saturday I bought several gifts for birthdays and holidays for later this year. In fact, of the gifts I bought, I think the earliest I will be giving one is in June. Yay for planning!

Take a creative class (art, writing, etc) – I need to research these more so that I can figure out where I want to take the class and what kind of class will be best to take.

Learn to spin yarn – I’ve done pretty well on my drop spindle, but haven’t used it recently. I really enjoy it, just need to carve out time for it.

Attend a convention (anime, sci-fi, comic, writing, etc) – I’m keeping an eye out for those coming to Denver this summer. We may also try to go to Comic Con in San Diego some year – that would be pretty awesome.

Complete vacation scrapbooks (France, Vegas, Mexico, Canada, London, Memphis) – I have not completed a single one yet, but I’m hoping that once I get the craft room set up, that will shortly follow.

Knit something with steeks – My knitting is still steek-less, which does not sound nearly as tasty as Jenny’s philly cheese steak-less, but that’s okay.

Get to work at least 5 minutes early every day – I have to change this one because it doesn’t apply now that I’ve switched departments. I’m not sure what to replace this with. Oh, I know! Visit the Grand Canyon – hehe.

Take swing dance lessons – I’ve kept my eye on some dance studios in the area, but I’m not quite at the point where I’d be comfortable taking the lessons yet. I feel like I’m insanely uncoordinated, but everytime I see people dance (in movies or real life, yes, even Kyle and Jason’s dance off), I wish I had taken dance lessons as a kid.

Organize and maintain Ravelry and Flickr better – It’s something I have to constantly keep on my toes about, but I think I’m doing okay. I’d like to organize my Ravelry queue a lot better than it is currently, but that will require several hours of work at least. Maybe in a few weekends.

Sincerely try out the program for domestic organization and tidiness – I AM sincerely trying it out, though I need to get better with decluttering every single day. But it’s something I keep in my mind all the time, and that’s good.

Finish travelogues from Canada, London and Memphis – Travelogues, ho!

Make ravioli from scratch (sauce too!) – Haven’t done this yet, but probably will sometime this summer or fall.

Make 1 page scrapbook mementos from London and Memphis (after Jenny’s wedding) – I have to get the pictures developed from Memphis still, but I’m very excited to do so and will get the page done posthaste. I’ve got one up at work from Karen’s wedding and I love looking at it and being reminded of the trip and some of my favorite people.

Get up at the same time every day for 1 month – This most certainly has not happened.

Learn to make Grandma’s jello salads – I’m reticent about this one because it makes me sad, but I will get there someday. I know they’re not rocket science, but the first time I take one to a family get together, I’m going to feel like I’m sitting in the middle of a big stage in front of a ton of Simon Cowells, waiting to be judged.

Make tofu – Mmmm, tasty – but not yet attempted.

Cold process soap – Not yet. I need to read up on this more before starting to try it.

Collect 100 ATCs and 100 inchies total – I think I have about 20 of each. I hope that this summer I can get back into swapping on swap-bot more so that I can fulfill this pretty quickly.

Unpack all boxes – This is pretty close! I’ve got a handful of boxes sitting in the craft room, but that’s it!

Get everything from storage – All that’s currently there are two tables which we haven’t figured out exactly what to do with yet.

Learn to play a new game every month – So far so good! My favorite new game so far is definitely Munchkin. 😀

Write 3 short stories in NaNo off-season – Meh. I might change this to 3 short pieces, like vignettes or something rather than stories. Something non-fiction rather than fiction.

Attend a NaNo Write-In – Again, I’m not sure if I’ll be doing NaNo in the future given that I don’t really want to write fiction, so we’ll see how this pans out.

Dye my hair blue pink – Check! Or mostly, since I dyed the tips in Memphis. So far none of the higher ups at work have said anything about the pink tips, but I’m sure they would have said something about dyeing all of my hair pink. Blue might come another time, but I’m considering this done.

Spend an entire day in bed (when healthy!) reading, relaxing, etc. – Haven’t had the time for this yet. Though it might have to change slightly because a few weeks ago, Kyle and I tried to stay in bed as long as possible after we woke up one Sunday, and we lasted maybe 45 minutes before we felt the need to get up and go do something.

Knit/Crochet coverlet/blanket for bed – I haven’t fallen in love with a pattern yet, but I’m still looking.

Complete Painting cross-stitch – I pulled it out of storage, but have to review exactly what colors I need and what canvas I’ll need as well.

Make myself 4 pairs of socks – I’ve got the yarn, but no patterns picked out yet.

Make Kyle 2 pairs of socks – I’ve got .75 completed! Heh.

Go to drive-in (summer!) and chill in the back of the truck with snacks and treats and blankets – The drive-in isn’t open yet, but when it does, we’re definitely going.

Go to tea service with Kyle – I think Kyle’s hesitant about going to tea just because it’s not something he would choose to do with his time if I didn’t ask him to go with me, so I haven’t pushed for it. Maybe sometime at the end of summer or fall.

Go 1 week without eating out (fast food, restaurants, even deli from the store!) – I haven’t sincerely tried to do this, but I am getting closer to being able to do it because I think we’re eating out less overall, which is nice.

Watch all movies based on Stephen King stories – We watched Children of Corn awhile ago and it was much better than I expected. Still going through the list.

Give away or use up my yarn stash – Again, when the craft room is all finished (or mostly finished) it will be easier to tell what I have stashed and what I need to do with it.

Reread (relisten to) The Dark Tower series – Haven’t started this yet, but with over two years to do it in, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Buy a world map & study it! – I found a world map in Memphis at the bookstore we stopped at and almost bought it, but I didn’t want to have to pack it to take it home. I’m still on the lookout for a good world map though that I can buy locally (or online and have it shipped). I’m still trying to decide where I would want to put it – where the ideal let’s-study-geography place would be.

Do morning pages most mornings (4/7 each week) – Oh boy. I haven’t done this in ages. I replaced morning pages with checking things on my iPod Touch (email, tweets, checklists). Maybe I should figure out a way to combine the two activities to wake up in the morning? Hmm.

Do a Day in the Life photo entry – I haven’t done this yet, obviously, but will. This summer might be a good time for it. I have to figure out if I want to do it on a day that I work or when I’m off. Because we work with sensitive information I really shouldn’t take pictures while at work so that would be pretty boring, but that is how I spend 5/7 of my week, so I’ll figure it out.

Decorate at least 5 batches of cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake book – I haven’t decorated any since I started my 1,001 Days. I think the Thanksgiving cupcakes kind of burned me out on it, but I’ll get back to it.

Pay off overdraft – It’s not totally maxed out at the moment, so that counts toward something, right?

Maintain blog of this entire 101 Things in 1,001 Days experience – Blogging right now!

Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons – I still haven’t figured out what landscape I want to photograph. There’s a really popular scene that local photographers do the four seasons thing with a lot, and it would be neat to do it myself, but I think something more unusual would be nice. Maybe more of a cityscape?

Buy a semi-skimpy bathing suit and actually wear it to swim – I do have to buy a bathing suit this week and I will actually wear it to swim, but it will not be semi-skimpy. I have to buy a new one because my old ones are too small. 😦 (And the hotel we’re staying at in LA has a pool. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t need to buy one, but we’re looking forward to swimming in the LA sunshine this weekend.)

Try 5 new vegetables – I haven’t tried anything new. I’m hoping with the farmer’s markets coming up that there will be plenty to try.

Attempt composting – I’m hoping to get a composting bucket and area set up in the next few weeks now that it’s getting warmer out. I’ve got to read up on it a little bit, just to make sure I know what can be composted and what can’t, but it should be fun.

Go to the library once a month – The library card I had been using is now expired. I can’t get another one for the same library because I don’t live in that city or county anymore and that’s kind of sad. But I’m sure I can find a different library to become a patron of that I can visit monthly.

Get a comfortable chair for my desk – I’m currently using Kyle’s, but will need to get my own soon.

Make regular donations to Goodwill – I made one big huge one when I went through all my stuff from storage. I haven’t made any since, though we certainly have the stuff to do so.

Make another list of 101 things for the 1001 days following the end of this project – I think I want to do this forever and ever. Of course, this won’t happen for awhile yet.

Catch up on all awesome TV shows (True Blood, Lost, House, How I Met Your Mother, etc.) – I am caught up on Lost, but still several seasons behind on House and one seasons behind on True Blood. I’m recent with How I Met Your Mother for the most part, but missed most of the first few seasons so I’d like to catch up on those. Other awesome shows I’d like to catch up on are Leverage (need to watch Season 3 before Season 4 starts, not sure if I can do that), Eureka (all of it), and I’d like to watch United States of Tara, too.

Make a Will – This is depressing even though it’s necessary, but that’s why I haven’t done this yet. I don’t have any wealth to speak of, but I want to make sure that certain things would get to certain people in such circumstances.

Take the online Jeopardy test each year – I took it this year! I didn’t do too well, but it was fun.

Teach myself to do fair isle and intarsia – I’ve watched lots of tutorials on it, now I just need to find a pattern I like and the yarn to do it and try.

Host at least two family get-togethers – I’m hoping that I can host the first one sometime this summer.

Do a proper Lush pampering at least once a month – This is pretty easy to do because I’ll get all stressed out and then remember, “Oh, I have to pamper myself this month still!”

Get to a bowling average of 150 – I’m currently at 115 which is a pretty good improvement from when I started. We’re not going to do a summer league, but I really hope we do a fall league again, though it might not be the same league.

Go to a sushi restaurant – Still haven’t despite the fact that there’s one right by our house.

Build a snowman – I would have loved to be home at Christmastime when it snowed a lot so I could have done this (among other reasons). There’s always next winter!

Write to at least 10 people from Friendship books, bags, etc. – Once my pen pal correspondence gets better organized, this should be easy enough to do.

Let go of a balloon – I haven’t done this one yet.

Visit a sheep or alpaca farm that sells roving – When we visited the little farm exhibit at the Memphis zoo it made me want to go to a sheep farm pronto. It was fun and I can’t wait to find somewhere this summer or fall that I can visit.

Go to a farmer’s market (or to Ollin Farms on the way home from work) – Most of our farmer’s markets open up next month, so I’m really looking forward to that.



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