I always want to do everything. I just need a better way of keeping it organized and maintaining those priorities instead of letting myself get sidetracked, so I made a list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days, inspired by a few friends who were doing the same.  Here’s my list, in no particular order (except when I thought of them):

  1. Get to and maintain a healthy weight
  2. Edit and revise a NaNoWriMo novel into something publishable
  3. Submit novel for publishing (at least a dozen times)
  4. Plant and tend some vegetables each spring and summer
  5. Line dry clothes outside in the spring and summer
  6. Read at least 2 books a month
  7. Organize and maintain pen pal correspondence
  8. Send at least 10 random care packages
  9. Private goal
  10. Visit 15 places in Colorado I’ve never been
  11. Sew Kyle and I aprons
  12. Buy a menstrual cup 02/28/10
  13. Get caught up on health check ups
  14. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle once a year (3 total for this project)
  15. Save at least $2,000 in a general savings fund
  16. Decide on 30 pricey things I want to buy, save for them and purchase them
  17. Make sure everyone gets their altered books back
  18. Send out friendship books at least once every two weeks
  19. Learn Japanese (via study groups, on my own or a class)
  20. Make and can fruit “butters” or other sauces for gifting
  21. Make pickles
  22. Try out a new baking recipe each month
  23. Clean up and organize craft room
  24. Once able, give blood every six weeks
  25. Visit my grandmother’s grave in Kansas
  26. See 5 musical productions
  27. Develop a New Year’s Eve tradition with Kyle and the kids
  28. Get 3 massages
  29. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
  30. Stay at The Stanley Hotel for a weekend
  31. Go to another concert
  32. Go to a Broncos game
  33. Knit 5 hat&scarf combos for charity
  34. Do a New York Times Sunday Crossword (at least 95% complete) without any help
  35. Go on a juice fast for 3 or 4 days
  36. Get Penny caught up on car maintenance
  37. Do yoga every day (at least 1 asana)
  38. Obtain (make or buy) enough totes for shopping that I can practically eliminate my use of plastic bags
  39. Finish at least one knitting project each month
  40. Coordinate and plan birthday and holiday gifting ahead of time
  41. Take a creative class (art, writing, etc)
  42. Learn to spin yarn
  43. Attend a convention (anime, sci-fi, comic, writing, etc)
  44. Complete vacation scrapbooks (France, Vegas, Mexico, Canada, London, Memphis)
  45. Knit something with steeks
  46. Get to work at least 5 minutes early every day
  47. Take swing dance lessons
  48. Organize and maintain Ravelry and Flickr better
  49. Sincerely try out the Flylady.net program for domestic organization and tidiness
  50. Finish travelogues from Canada, London and Memphis
  51. Make ravioli from scratch (sauce too!)
  52. Make 1 page scrapbook mementos from London and Memphis (after Jenny’s wedding)
  53. Get up at the same time every day for 1 month
  54. Learn to make Grandma’s jello salads
  55. Make tofu
  56. Cold process soap
  57. Collect 100 ATCs and 100 inchies total
  58. Unpack all boxes
  59. Get everything from storage
  60. Learn to play a new game every month
  61. Write 3 short stories in NaNo off-season
  62. Attend a NaNo Write-In
  63. Dye my hair blue
  64. Spend an entire day in bed (when healthy!) reading, relaxing, etc.
  65. Knit/Crochet coverlet/blanket for bed
  66. Complete Painting cross-stitch
  67. Make myself 4 pairs of socks
  68. Make Kyle 2 pairs of socks
  69. Go to drive-in (summer!) and chill in the back of the truck with snacks and treats and blankets
  70. Go to tea service with Kyle
  71. Go 1 week without eating out (fast food, restaurants, even deli from the store!)
  72. Watch all movies based on Stephen King stories
  73. Give away or use up my yarn stash
  74. Reread (relisten to) The Dark Tower series
  75. Buy a world map & study it!
  76. Do morning pages most mornings (4/7 each week)
  77. Do a Day in the Life photo entry
  78. Decorate at least 5 batches of cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake book
  79. Pay off overdraft
  80. Maintain blog of this entire 101 Things in 1,001 Days experience
  81. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons
  82. Buy a semi-skimpy bathing suit and actually wear it to swim
  83. Try 5 new vegetables
  84. Attempt composting
  85. Go to the library once a month
  86. Get a comfortable chair for my desk
  87. Make regular donations to Goodwill
  88. Make another list of 101 things for the 1001 days following the end of this project
  89. Catch up on all awesome TV shows (True Blood, Lost, House, How I Met Your Mother, etc.)
  90. Make a Will
  91. Take the online Jeopardy test each year
  92. Teach myself to do fair isle and intarsia
  93. Host at least two family get-togethers
  94. Do a proper Lush pampering at least once a month
  95. Get to a bowling average of 150
  96. Go to a sushi restaurant
  97. Build a snowman
  98. Write to at least 10 people from Friendship books, bags, etc.
  99. Let go of a balloon
  100. Visit a sheep or alpaca farm that sells roving
  101. Go to a farmer’s market (or to Ollin Farms on the way home from work)

(Subject to slight revisions as the days progress.)